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Glen Battell Kevin Battell


36 Chapman Way,
Tunbridge Wells,
Telephone: 01892 544470
Fax: 01892 548120

E-mail: mail@bandbfinishers.co.uk

B & B Finishers was formed in 1994 by brothers Glen and Kevin Battell who have both worked locally since leaving school and have extensive knowledge of print finishing. The company specialises in high quality print finishing, employing excellent staff who have an "eye for detail" which results in the highest quality and reliability at competitive prices. B & B Finishers have built an excellent reputation locally which has resulted in long term relationships with many of their customers.

We have now moved to new premises in Tunbridge Wells where we will continue to provide and build on the excellent service our clients are accustomed to.
  • A recently installed Moll Sprint Wallet Machine will allow us to produce wallets and folders automatically, with or without capacity pockets and with one or two gluings, with speeds of up to 5000 per hour. It was apparent that there was a market for producing folders and wallets with capacity pockets and spines by machine.
  • We are looking forward to increasing our productivity and sales by being able to produce folders and wallets, which we are already able to die cut on our three Heidelberg Cylinders. This will also enable us to be more competitive by attracting longer runs.

  • B & B Finishers also offer trimming & folding facilities as well as many other auxilliary services such as shrink-wrapping, drilling & wirobinding.

  • We feel that our success over the last ten years has been based on offering a personal, friendly, efficient and reliable service for our existing clients but with the introduction of the Moll Sprint machine we would like the opportunity to expand our current client base.

    We are able to offer the following services:

    Quality with Competitive Prices and Reliable Service

    B & B Finishers could not provide the excellent services it does without their excellent team.

    Melanie Battell
    Melanie cooks the books - in the nicest possible way!

    Melanie Battell

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    Just as well he wasn't around during the French Revolution - His guillotine action would have been the pride of Napoleon!

    Colin James

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